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Concord Education is suited in Montreal, the second biggest and English and French-speaking city in Canada with a long history. We offer professional language training, summer and winter camps, college and university tutorial classes and immigrant service. We adhere to the “customer-centric” service concept, insist on providing “proper training and one-stop service”


Service and Courses

No matter you are a beginner who loves to learn French or someone who is eager to pass the French test or the immigration interview, we will meet your request and satisfy your needs in a timely manner
Our private tutors from Concord Education will provide a preparation program for the Exit Exams with a package of 20 hours courses, including private one-on-one coaching, one-on-two coaching and a small group of 3 to 5 students’ class.
We have succeeded in many school entrance application and visa application. We also offer homestay and pick-up service and help with the school admission and bank service.
LE CORDON BLEU has evolved from a small Parisian cookery school 120 years ago to an ever-expanding international network-one of the foremost training institutions in the world for culinary, hospitality and management courses.
Ottawa Carlton Education Bureau of Canada authorizes Concord Education to be responsible for the promotion and co-sponsorship of the Chinese market. Since 2010, the Global Classroom program has been launched to give children direct access to Canadian culture and learning.

Concord Education

Tel: 514-876-1680
Email: info@concordeducation.ca
Address: Suite 115, 1111 St Urbain, Montreal, QC, CA H2Z 1Y6